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Results of the 2018 Split Lip Press Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest!

We have spent several months reading over 200 chapbooks submitted to our Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest this fall. There have been many delays, but I think it's worth the wait. Guest Judge Tatiana Ryckman was given the difficult task of narrowing down the list of stellar finalists to these two, with publication in 2020/2021:

WINNER:  Space Poet by Samantha Edmonds

Tatiana Ryckman:  "From the first page I loved Samantha Edmonds’ The Space Poet. This book is a tender exercise in imagining love from an impossible distance—distance that is sometimes religion, sometimes convention, and sometimes simple planetary location.  The Space Poet transports the reader through emotional landscapes the size of galaxies and deposits them at the center of an essential question: Why is it so hard to love?"

RUNNER-UP: Prayer Book Underwater by Robin Gow

Tatiana Ryckman: "The poems in Robin’s collection, Prayer Book Underwater, are my favorite kind—ones I didn’t know I needed until I read them. Earnestly grappling with sexuality, family, and our fleeting corporal existence, he exposes a way of being that is both familiar and surprising. Slipstream yet real, these poems use the detritus of quotidian motion to create something monumental—a whole life."


Counting Softly the Seconds by John LaPine

Sugar Mountain: Stories by Erica Plouffe-Lazure

Grand Thefts by Barrett Bowlin

U by Tyler Friend

Tomorrow Music by Pete Stevens

Dream Snake by Sydney Kim

Math for the Self-Crippling by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

Understand, Too, Why I Purr in My Sleep by Sarah Freligh

Thank you to everyone who entered. You always make this job damn near impossible. See you for the next contest in the fall!