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Felt in the Jaw: Stories by Kristen N. Arnett


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In her debut story collection, Kristen Arnett, with dark humor, explores the lives of queer women and their families in the light of the bleak Florida sun. A young dancer suddenly loses language while her family struggles to understand their new roles. A mother endures a horrifying spider bite while camping with her daughters in the backyard. A family reunion goes sour when a group of cousins are left to their own devices. In these ten stories, outward strength is always betrayed by deep vulnerability: these are characters so desperate for family and connection that they often isolate themselves--and sometimes, it's the world isolating them.

"Kristen Arnett’s stories are miracles of subtlety and propulsion.
Suffused with a visceral sense of dread, they invariably fold out into
startling moments of affection, sadness, or (dare I say) grace. Like
Flannery O’Connor without the religious preoccupation or occasional
garishness, the stories in Felt in The Jaw are deeply American. They
are also sublime."


--Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine and co-founder of The Los Angeles Review of Books

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