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Forget Me / Hit Me / Let Me Drink Great Quantities of Clear, Evil Liquor by Katie Schmid



A collection of poems that is a stunning, longing/love/loss letter to the Midwest.


“Here is a beautiful underworld of memory and imagination, cast in the landscape of mesmerizing dream. Katie Schmid is one of my favorite writers, period. Amazing work.” --Brad Watson, National Book Award Finalist for The Heaven of Mercury


"In these worlds of terrible beauty, where to be tender is to risk winding up tenderized, we go, by way of the poems, out on branches and limbs.   Will the branches break?  Probably, how else explain the figure in this book, mouth open “as if about to sing.”  But in these precise and deliberate poems, Schmid does sing and singing, whiplashes us into a more wakeful state.  These poems are beautiful, bunged-up bikes, they go flashing past gas stations into the dark, and the poet deserves a thousand speeding tickets."  --Kate Northrop, author of Clean



$10 (US shipping included; message for international)


Published by Split Lip Press


42 Pages


ISBN: 978-0990903550

Watch a trailer for Katie's book, featuring her poem "Nowhere."