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Fruit Mansion by Sam Herschel Wein



"To enter Sam Herschel Wein’s Fruit Mansion is to fall headfirst into a hungry labyrinth, a juicy '[g]eometry of bodies.' Queer morsels of citrus light romp here. Unruly fistfuls of spaghetti reign here. The speakers are eaters and double-dipping skinny-dippers, bitter saliva-knowers and sweet hairy secret-sharers. In every 'stairwell of your love,' these poems are world-kissers. These wet, arugula-peppery words talk back to straight roommates, concerned family members, boys with boundary issues, and a self steeped in the lonely shame of desiring the wrong, the too-much. I cried, I laughed, I flashbacked to a school trip to Quebec when I had to sleep in a room full of very straight boys. This chapbook says, 'Do not tell me to patience' when it comes to being seen as fully 'fingers and toes' alive. This poet says, 'You onions!' and 'I am tongue to tongue cool'—and we should listen with ripe, mansion-sized attention."  --Chen Chen, author of When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities


“It's always a special thing to be let into someone's home. And in Sam Wein's 'Fruit Mansion' there's something striking and vulnerable about the images he gives us, and the stories he crafts to welcome us inside. His manipulation of syntax and grammar force a kind of opening through which a flavorful resonance bursts through. The chapbook's closing poem is an especially arresting one--I won't ruin it, but I'm sure it will stay with you just as it has stayed with me.” --Jacqui Germain, author of When The Ghosts Come Ashore

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