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 All of the characters in Hungry People are hungry for something. Some are hungry for love, others are hungry for fame or money or children or food itself. These darkly funny stories explore the inexplicable cravings of people and the ways in which they try to fulfill them. 

Praise for Hungry People:

"In Hungry People, Tasha Coryell gives us food for hungry hearts. The women are anxious and complicated; the men bring Cheetos instead of flowers. Her stories are tight and intimate, dark and dirty—hot and short with running, racing hearts and bare feet. Like secrets. Like gasps. Like screams. Like smoky, steamy, beery nights plus danger and sex and fireworks."

Leesa Cross-Smith, author of Whiskey & Ribbons and Every Kiss A War


"In this time and in this place, Tasha Coryell is our master of the raw and cooked comedy-of-manners, and her book, Hungry People might be a Lady’s Etiquette when everyone is graced with shivs.  These stories are the stories Austen would have written if Austen had written stories, the whist and spinet replaced by video games and Spotify.  She is a contemporary Bronte as well. Reader, you will discover tropes of medicated madness and even an attic or two. No one but Coryell can capture the particular sensation, the moment-to-moment in the moment of the peculiar funhouse of uncanny valley Valley Girl reflections found in our polycarbonate screens and hip-hopic sick beats springing from our ear-budded ear-worms.  There’s no Devonshire, there’s no sheep, but there is the brilliant abundance of gestures and looks, the billets-doux replaced by Tweets. This work is high realism of this our most irreal world. And Coryell is the choreographer, the game show host, the reality star of this new new out-of-balanced ambience, created by the algorithmic memes of sand and silicon in electromagnetic soups, iconic clicks, and the hieroglyphics of emojis on the spectrum.  This book is an instant classic and this instant’s high class act."

Michael Martone author of Brooding and The Moon Over Wapakoneta

"In Hungry People, Coryell holds a prism of human desire into the light, bringing our most primal, irreconcilable, hilarious needs into focus—the yearning to be fed. To feel safe, loved, and remembered. Coryell’s collection lingers on in the heart like her character’s appetites, leaving us satisfied but, as is our folly, lusting for one more taste. A trove of stories to return to, and a writer to watch on her way into the stratosphere."

Tabitha Blankenbiller, author of EATS OF EDEN

Reviews of Hungry People:

"Tasha Coryell's Hungry People,"

Kelly Flynn, Empty Mirror




Publication Date: August 2018

ISBN:  978-1-721553-45-7