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Ice Children by Edward Harkness

Ice Children by Edward Harkness is the runner-up of the 2014 Split Lip Uppercut Chapbook Awards. Contest judge Michael Meyerhofer says: "Taut one moment, hilarious the next, Ed Harkness' poems readily demonstrate the sheer, imaginative range of narrative poetry.  Sometimes, they tighten their focus on seemingly common objects and events: the sound of frogs, the humor of nurses.  Other times, they widen their lens to take in the whole, breathtaking cosmos.  In all instances, though, they maintain a striking sense of humanity, offering up a kind of grace that our species may not quite deserve, but sorely needs."

$12 (includes shipping)


Published by Split Lip Press

1309 W Broad Street

Richmond, VA 23220


48 Pages


ISBN: 978-0692250075