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Runner-Up of the 2017 Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest

Advance Praise:

 "I love Colette Arrand's poetry; it makes me feel close to George Michael again, makes me understand my own childhood better, and Star Trek too, which is important because Star Trek and transition are the only things that let the future make any sense to me. 'As white boys often find themselves in Seattle' is a sentence that lives permanently in my brain now."

-Daniel Ortberg


On Colette's poem, "When Men Regard My Body:"

"Yes, poems about bad dates. Yes, being more comfortable in words than your own skin. Yes, Galactus. This poem is rangy and flirting with flipness, but is actually deadly serious. How else to deal with being a body constantly on the edge of violence. I love the way the poem takes up space, flings itself wildly outward, and resurfaces in the moment. I love the world of this poem and all the things in its gravitational pull."

—Tommy Pico, judge of the Cosmonauts Avenue Poetry Prize and author of IRL 

and Nature Poem

The Future Is Here and Everything Must Be Destroyed