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sister golden calf cover.jpg

Sister Golden Calf
by Colleen Burner

publication date: September 19, 2023


softcover, $16
(ISBN:  978-1-952897-31-3)




preorders will be shipped beginning in  August

Gloria and her sister Kit are in the trade of rehoming invisible ephemera they've captured in jars and now sell on the side of the road (can they interest you in SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAMS, NIGHT GREASE, or WHAT IS LEFT AFTER A STAR EXPLODES?). Motherless and rudderless, the sisters are on a road trip in their '93 Honda Accord across the sunburnt landscape of New Mexico. Restless with grief and doubt, Gloria becomes obsessed with a taxidermied eight-legged calf she meets in a roadside museum, and Kit takes a skeptical pilgrimage to a supposedly holy hole in the dirt floor of a church. The two cross paths with an array of characters, creatures, and placesThe Calamity Janes, a roving motorcycle gang; an eyeless horse who reminds Gloria that she can see the unseen; and a ghost town where mysteries aboundin this sprawling and emotionally driven novella where the road is never-ending and sisterhood can be home.

Praise for Sister Golden Calf:

"In shiveringly beautiful prose, Colleen Burner maps a wild voyage into grief, love, and radical forms of kinship. Their novel unstitches the fixed seams of self and stranger, inviting us to touch the peculiar, precise commotions that link one creature to another. A truly extraordinary book."
Leni Zumas, author of Red Clocks

"Sister Golden Calf is my favorite kind of novel: compact and meditative, delightfully strange, elegiac but awash in warm light and the promise of ineffable treasure in each sentence. Amid the variegated desert landscape and seductive kismet of the open road, the sisters face questions of longing and belonging, of how to care for each other and themselves, and of what artifacts to carry as they carry on. Colleen Burner has stolen my heart with this novel."
Alexis Smith, author of Marrow Island and Glaciers

"I was blown away by Sister Golden Calf, a wise and brutally intimate exploration of sisterhood and grief and the bonds that tie us to each other. Magical and hypnotic, poetic and fierce, every line contains a universe, and nothing is spared. Gloria and Kit will stay with me for a long time. Colleen Burner is an unmistakable talent."
Chelsea Bieker, author of Godshot and Heartbroke


Colleen Burner (they/them) is
a graduate of the MFA writing program at Portland State University and an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient.
Their short fiction has appeared in Fecund, Old Pal, Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable, Permafrost, and Quaint. They are a coeditor of surely magazine.They live in Portland, Oregon. Sister Golden Calf is their first book.

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