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Please follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on our submissions windows—our planned submissions schedule is:

SHORT STORY/FLASH FICTION manuscripts: January 1st through March 1st

CHAPBOOK CONTEST submissions: April 1st through June 1st

NOVEL/NOVELLA manuscripts: July 1st through September 1st

ESSAY/MEMOIR/NONFICTION-HYBRID manuscripts: October 1st through December 1st


Specific guidelines for each reading period will be provided within our Submittable link. We ask for a full manuscript rather than an excerpt/query—our reading teams are committed to selecting the best books for our press based on what is already on the page. Running a press is a labor of (underpaid) love, and so we have a manuscript reading fee to help offset the many costs accrued by the press, which also allows us to direct 25% of the proceeds from those fees to pay our reading teams for their work. However, if our reading fee is prohibitive, please email splitlipthepress@gmail.com to receive a manuscript fee waiver, no questions asked.

All books published at Split/Lip Press have been discovered during our open reading periods—we do not solicit manuscripts and do not accept manuscripts sent outside of our reading periods. Every author has the same opportunity to join us! However, Split/Lip Press does not tolerate manuscripts celebrating racist, homophobic, or misogynistic perspectives, and will discard such manuscripts unread. We believe in breaking boundaries at Split/Lip, but we will not assist agendas of hate.

We are deeply committed to transparency and prosperity for our authors—when publishing with Split/Lip Press, authors can expect:

  • 25% royalties

  • 20 copies of your published book

  • additional copies available at a discounted rate of print cost + 25%

  • up to 6 copies of your published book to provide to blurbers

  • PDF copies available to send to reviewers

  • all the social media support you can handle

We hope to see your manuscript in our queue!

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