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Midwatch by Jillian Danback-McGhan

short story collection
published February 2024

Sister Golden Calf by Colleen Burner

published September 2023

Maybe This Is What I Deserve by Tucker Leighty-Phillips

fiction chapbook
published June 2023

Phantom Advances by Mary Lynn Reed

fiction collection
published March 2023

Submarine by Anurag Andra

published September 2022

My Share of the Body by Devon Capizzi

fiction collection
published December 2021

The Church of Wrestling by Emily Thomas Mani

published June 2021

An Inventory of Abandoned Things by Kelly Ann Jacobson

fiction chapbook
published April 2021

48 Blitz by Brett Biebel

fiction collection
published December 2020

The Invention of Love by Sara Schaff

fiction collection
published June 2020

This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love. by Jennifer Wortman

fiction collection
published June 2019

The Quiet Part Loud by Tyler Barton

fiction chapbook
published January 2019

Hungry People by Tasha Coryell

fiction collection
published August 2018

Felt in the Jaw by Kristen Arnett

fiction collection
published September 2017

Gather Us Up and Bring Us Home by Shasta Grant

fiction chapbook
published June 2017

Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover by Mila Jaroniec

published November 2016

Because I Wanted to Write You a Pop Song by Kara Vernor

fiction chapbook
published June 2016

I Am the Oil of the Engine of the World by Jared Yates Sexton

fiction collection
published February 2016

The Hook and the Haymaker by Jared Yates Sexton

fiction collection
published January 2015

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