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Exit the Body
by Heather Bartel

publication date: May 14, 2024


softcover, $14
(ISBN: 978-1-952897-37-5)




preorders will be shipped beginning in April 

In Exit the Body, Heather Bartel makes an offering-as-essay-collection, if a collection of essays can include a tarot reading, a one-act starring dead and dreamed women, conversations with Sylvia Plath through a mirror, and letters to a living ghost.

Like journeying through the hallways of a haunted house, Bartel moves through a narrative landscape that shape-shifts, engaging in conversation with the women who haunt her to ask the question at the core of Exit the Body: what to do with an obsession with the mirror when the person in the mirror is either the only person you can trust or the one who is trying to kill you.

A dance with illusion and choice, Exit the Body is a meditation on the mind and its place within the body: what escapes, what ruptures, what is created, what echoes, and where we find ourselves on the other side.

Heather Bartel is founder and editor of the literary journal and community, The Champagne Room. She is a graduate of Webster University and Goddard College. Her writing appears in MAYDAY, Grimoire, Fence, Miracle Monocle, Birdcoat Quarterly, Leavings, Heavy Feather Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Columbia, MO.

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